PLX TJÄRÖ18~21 augusti 2022

Dalia Mikonytė & Adomas Žudys

Dalia Mikonytė & Adomas Žudys

Dalia Mikonytė & Adomas Žudys is an artist duo that work together with photography, video, 3D and text medias. Artistic practice that they are developing focuses on old and well known art forms mixed together with new technology and science.

Their work addresses various questions and variations of perception and recognition. Themes centered around the relationship between materiality, technology and identity. Subjects range between intimate space and time, personal experiences, identity and its representation, signs, virtual and actual reality. Interests and inspirations balance between history, contemporary art and future scenarios, among theory, practice and sentiment.

During PLX Tjärö 2022 the duo will be presenting their pieces "Blekinge Study” & “Trees/rock”.

Pijus Džiugas Meižis will be performing his set to Dalia & Adomas video art “Blekinge Study”.

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