PLX TJÄRÖ18~21 augusti 2022

NordingShabo (Live)

NordingShabo (Live)

If you close your eyes you will not simply distinguish one instrument from the other. They way guitar and voice lead each other  through an improvised musical garden is beyond recognisable when two instruments become one. 

Under branches of swaying birch and cherry blossoms that drop their petals in the wind like snow. Over the calm creak leading its way to the feisty river where catfish bellow in the undertow. Mother’s snapdragons glaring in all directions, never out of earshot. In the daytime, all is a fair sight for your eyes, while at night you may mistake them for goldfish skulls hanging on their vines to dry. Can’t you almost smell them?

Guitar and effects: Lage Nordling  Voice and effects: Alexandra Shabo 

Part of Radio Antenn line up.