PLX TJÄRÖ18~21 augusti 2022

Moganjah (live)

Moganjah (live)

Mexican composer and producer. Made original soundtracks for the last 20 years and won the academy award for best original score in 2017. His own record label “Makabila Umoja” has released several bangers, from clubby grooves with a nice african touch, to deep tribal electronics with some instruments like drums and flutes. 

He has performed in different scenes around the world: Nyege Nyege (Uganda), ABC (burkina faso), Roskilde Festival (Denmark), Borderland (Denmark) and more.

Co created the Nyege festival in Uganda with Arlen Dilsizian and Derek Derbru in 2015. Co mixed the album “between a smile and tear” by Be svendsen in 2018.

Part of Radio Antenn line up.